The BE R.A.W Method is made up of three primary modalities tailored to help you manage a diverse range of emotions and use your bodies as a catalyst for positive change and shift your conscious mind.



The practice of yoga is beneficial both for mental and physical health — bringing attention physical sensations and promoting insights into emotions. It can be viewed as an invitation to increase awareness and to interact with your feelings using curiosity. Body mindfulness postures and breath work offer a way to release emotions, promote insight, increase flexibility and build physical and inner strength.



The practice of meditation is beneficial for both mental and physical health. These benefits occur both during and after meditation and typically bring a sense of introspectiveness, tranquility and calmness. Other benefits of meditation include: feeling less stress, feeling peaceful, expanding awareness, processing emotions, and feeling more connected to yourself and more connected to spirituality. There is evidence meditation can actually positively change the brain.



Exercise is an excellent way to promote both physical and mental well-being — building strength, endurance, determination, and conviction. Exercise also does this for our emotions and thoughts through the process of releasing stress hormones and in turn, releasing emotions. After working out physically, we are better equipped to balance our thoughts, create new flexible thinking patterns, and build emotional strength and mental endurance.