About BE R.A.W


Let’s face it, life is challenging. Things happen every day that can cause you to react in ways that keep you from being the best version of yourself. Unless you know how to manage your reactions, you’re truly stuck.

Unstuck yourself. It’s time to BE R.A.W (Resilient • Authentic • Willing)

Our Founder

Shery Zarnegin is the founder of BE R.A.W. and the creator of the BE R.A.W. Method. A mother of two and a UCLA graduate, Zarnegin once had the "perfect" designer life whose glamorous façade masked a reality of emotional abuse. She was inspired to develop BE R.A.W. in the wake of a painful divorce and subsequent ostracism from her conservative Persian Jewish community. She lost her friends, her financial stability, and her identity – and she was forced to deal with her anxiety, anger, and sadness head-on. The healing strategies that she established would transform her great loss into her life's true purpose: BE R.A.W.